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We do not meet with students in-person. 

We  provide this website, as well as learning books and materials to anyone who needs them.

We do not want children under the age of 18 to contact us directly. Our organization is meant to serve the family, but parents/ legal guardians are the head of the family. If someone from your family wants to contact us, then that contact should be made by a parent or legal guardian only. We will accept no direct calls, emails, or letters from children. If your child wants to send us a letter or picture, please send all communication from the name of the parent/legal guardian rather than the child. This is legal protection for us.

We DO send out a periodic newsletter to adult consumers who volunteer their name, address, and/or telephone number via email or with whom we make personal contact through business cards, etc. during the regular operating of this charitable organization, but those individuals can opt out at any time by emailing us at the address above, calling us at the telephone number above, or writing to us at the mailing address shown above. 

We collect no email information via our website.

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We have taken appropriate security measures in our offices to protect against the loss or misuse of the limited personal information that we may collect about you.

If our privacy policies change in the future, we will post those changes to our website.


This organization teaches and guides using Christian principles based on God’s Words contained in the Bible. We extend educational and moral help to everyone who needs it or wants it. If you do not want to listen or receive these principles, we ask that you please choose another organization to help you. Thank you.

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