The first and most important miracle is about what GOD has been able to do through evangelization! 3 years ago, I was called to the streets of Gettysburg, PA to evangelize. I’m not talking about a screaming and yelling ministry. I’m talking about a simple walking and talking with people ministry, just like Christ did! The Lord and I spend from about March through November getting exercise in a VERY productive way by doing just THAT! We also evangelize wherever we go too, for example, grocery shopping. I go about 2 and 1/2 days per week until the Lord releases me (which CAN vary depending on the weather and heat of summer. Sometimes I leave at 5, 7, sometimes 9:00 p.m. – it all depends on those needed divine appointments.) It not only benefits ME with needed exercise, but it DEFINITELY BENEFITS others who need Christ. We (the Lord and I) just simply go up to people and ask, “Can I say a prayer with you?” Most times, people say “yes.” When the Lord called me to do this, He gave me the prayer He wanted me to pray with EVERYONE and then He DID ADD an important piece to it later. It’s the SAME prayer that appears on the front of our website and under “Our Mission.” He said, “I don’t care if people say they know me, if they say they are saved, if they say they are a Christian, or whatever – you say the same basic prayer with everyone, because many of the churches have left out repentance and there is only one way to Christ and that is to repent.” Now if I see they have an addiction to smoking/vaping, drinking, or they show signs of illness or they express a need, I also add that too, but the same basic prayer must be prayed according to the Lord’s directions. The very first year I did this, the LORD kept increasing the number of people I prayed for in each group. We, (He and I) prayed with whole ROTC troops, whole soccer teams, whole bus loads of people, and large family groups who met in Gettysburg for family reunions. Of course, we also pray for singles and couples. We did the same the second year. This past year, the Lord commanded me to give out my business card to all those adults and teen adults that I pray with and to tell them about the warning He had me write to this nation and to the nations, I also include MANY young children and young teens in those groups of people in prayer, but they of course, don’t need my business card. I began obeying God in that regard and realized he wanted me to use those cards as an estimate of HOW MANY people I had prayed for over time. Now, remember, the cards are only a portion of the people I pray for. I HAVE ALL OF THE RECEIPTS FOR THOSE BUSINESS CARDS! After we were finished for this year, based on the cards purchased and given out, I had prayed with OVER 7,000 people based on the card count and remember that didn’t include the number of children! Well, the first 2 years when I wasn’t giving out my card I prayed for just as many people. So, estimating based on this past year, that means over the last 3 years – I have prayed with an estimated over 21,000 people! GOD IS AN ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE GOD!


After having been blessed by GOD with a small inheritance from a dear friend that I had known for over 40 years, the Lord laid on my heart this year that we should adopt a local motel in Hanover, PA for a December food give away. People were living there on a long term basis. There were a total of 21 rooms occupied at the time, but some had multiple people in each room. I had an opportunity to pray with most of the people living there.

Most of them are working people who are just having a hard time getting by and most are older. They can’t get help from a food bank, because they would have to take off work to get there.

One young man particularly, sticks out in my mind. When I, and the motel manager, knocked on his door, he had just gotten off of the night shift and had already drifted off to sleep. He woke up in a daze and when the manager told him I had food for HIM, he misunderstood, and went to his OWN groceries and came to the door with about 6 cans ready to GIVE food to US, because he thought we were asking for a donation. The manager re-explained that I had food for HIM. It just showed his good heart – that he would give when he had so little himself!

Each box contained the following:

1 Large 39 oz. can of White Sweet Corn

about 5 lbs. of Russet Potatoes for each person (I bought 10 pound bags of potatoes and split them between every 2 boxes, so each of the 21 boxes got about 5 lbs.)

A bunch of Bananas

A 10 inch Pumpkin Pie

A Pack of Cream Cheese

A Gallon of Cider

A Container of Garlic Powder

A 6 pack of Large 12.5 oz. cans of chicken

A 12 pack of 5 oz. cans of Tuna

1 lb. jar of peanuts

An 8 pack of Delmonte 14.5 oz. cans of green beans

About 9 paper plates each

About 8 large plastic “Solo” type cups each


and for four Rooms I needed to buy a Farberware can opener for each.

This ministry accepted no donations, and I’m not asking for any now. They were paid out of MY pocket.

You see, our ministry is about MORE than teaching remedial reading, writing, math, and English to English as a second language learners for free. We are here to help people in other ways too.


A couple of years ago we mailed 275 Godly witness letters to abortion clinics throughout the U.S. asking them, in a Godly way, to THINK about what they were doing to THEMSELVES and to OTHERS. This year, we sent out an additional 241 letters.



The LORD created a new business card and banner.

He bought us a new canopy for outdoor events.

The drawers to two of our file cabinets were becoming heavy and hard to open because of the weight. One day, the LORD spoke to me and said, “You need a Lateral File Cabinet.” I said, “Yes, that’s what I need!” The next morning when I woke up, the Lord said He wanted me to go to the local “Habitat for Humanity Restore.” I get there and there is one metal Lateral File Cabinet in EXCELLENT condition among other old wooden ones. I WAS SO EXCITED! I called a young man over to try to find out how much it was. A young woman comes by and she mentions that the file cabinets are ALL on sale for $1.00! I said, “How do you know that?” She moved a piece of wood that was blocking the price shown on the top of one of the older ones and it read: “ALL FILE CABINETS $1.00” I WAS THRILLED! THEN I HAD TO FIND A WAY TO GET IT HOME. I CALLED A CHRISTIAN COUPLE I KNOW WHO HAVE A TRUCK AND ASKED IF THEY WOULD HELP ME! THEY DID HELP ME, WOULDN’T ACCEPT ANY MONEY FOR DOING IT, AND I HAD A NEW LATERAL FILE CABINET IN EXCELLENT CONDITION FOR $1.00!!

The next day, when I went to put hanging file folders in it, I found that one of the steel bars that would hold the folders was missing. This file cabinet was of such good quality it had a sticker inside one of the drawers with a serial number and model no. on it – along with the name of the manufacturer. I emailed the manufacturer, gave them the model number, and serial number, and asked if I could purchase one of those steel bars. I was honest and DID tell them that I bought the cabinet from the “Habitat for Humanity Restore.” They emailed me back the price and gave me a number to call to order it over the phone. I called the number and gave them the reference number I had been given from the email. The young man said he COULD indeed send it to me and it would be FREE OF CHARGE INCLUDING THE POSTAGE! I said, you mean you’ll ship it to me at no charge with free shipping? He said, “Yes.” I THANKED HIM PROFUSELY! Not long after, I DID get the shipment and my new file cabinet was complete! GOD KNEW IT WOULD BE!


May 12th – the 13th we were at the CHAP Convention (Christian Homeschool Association of Pennsylvania) 2023