What the Bible Says About Cleavage and Why Women and Men Should Modestly Cover Themselves

Prophet-Pastor Anita Hiltz©2022 All Rights Reserved Worldwide



Christians, we have a dress code
and here is why,
Lord Jesus Christ said you could commit adultery
even with the eye.

Ladies, no cleavage should be showing,
no plunging necklines to the waist
that make it look to the beholder
that you put nothing on in haste.

Lower hemlines you possess.
Cover slits that go too high.
Don’t dress in underwear
for every passer-by.

No G strings and no bikinis,
just in case you had the thought.
God wants to warn you,
BEFORE they have been bought.

Men, you are no exception.
Expose much less.
Wear a T-shirt even when swimming.
Let the women all guess.

Both men and women, not too sheer,
and not too tight,
leaving no room to assess
what is in sight.

When you are married,
and YOUR eyes gaze to another’s body lustfully,
ADULTERY is committed
and YOU’VE broken marriage vows, you see.

The same is true through immodesty,
because when YOU draw their eyes to YOU –
YOU are committing whoredom or adultery
depending on your marriage status when you commit the same sin too.

You see, it’s not just a MAN’S problem
of a roving eye.
It’s also caused by WOMEN
who dress to catch the eye of every man passing by.

Remember, the eyes get access
ONLY AFTER you’ve established a marriage address.
You are a cherished child!
Dress modestly and God will bless.

Poem By the Lord Jesus Christ

PoemProphet-Pastor Anita Hiltz©2016 All Rights Reserved Worldwide

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